Alrighty then

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

So it has been a pretty long time since I’ve attempted the whole blog thing. Mostly because I tend to not be the most computer friendly person, and I also don’t always have time to update.

Figure I’ll give this a go, as I realized I can upload from my ipod, which should work out fairly well for me for in progress works and in between notes and random blabbing. For the most part its just me sharing the thing that I’m most passionate about, my artwork, and how it gets from a blank sheet of paper and an idea in my head to being a physical image.

Hoping that this time, with easier accessibility, I’ll be updating more. And in turn hope that by updating more I’ll also be more inspired to work on my art more. Selfish goals I know, but productive. yay.



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