Zombies,… part deux

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Zombie Mural

The Zombies are having a party, BYOB......Brickwork and Sign.

Alrighty, so, got a bunch of zombie detail in, some washes of color here and there as I didnt want the zombies to be colorful, they are supposed to be pale and discolored and gross, which I feel they are doing well.

Heres one more shot of the wall before we hit some closeups. Also be forewarned I named my zombies as I went, they are all who they are for specific reasons.

I think they are trying to say hi, they want hugs.

So, Now we are going to take a closer look at some of these fine, fine specimens. And I wanna show you what it looks like when you are having fun on a giant painting like this, sooooo.


My largest zombie, with his bandoleer and german grenade, guess where he's from.

Legs and Paris

Legs had his chewed off which is why he's crawling,.... and Paris.... well....

shes,... the center of attention, but obviously missing something.

Light on in the asylum building behind the zombies. Who's home?

from L-R, Stretch, McMouth, Creepy Uncle, and Smiles.... self explanatory names.

At this point we hop over the door space which isnt yet done, and go to the other wall. There is another zombie that I forgot to get a shot of, her name is Gertrude, shes in the small space to the right of the door if you look in some of the other pics, will get a good shot of her when all is done, til then, here’s Guts and Grub.

They are sharing...

Grub really like Guts,.... and he may be teething, I dunno.

The sign, which is lit by a color changing light which makes for a cool effect.

And that is my update for now. I’d suggest checking back in around a week, should have the final shots of this by then, as well as a few other pieces I’ve been working on.

Til then, dont sleep, zombies will eat you.



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