Posted: April 19, 2011 in Zombie Mural

Alrighty, First real post. Here we go with this whole typing thing.

Backstory,… during the summer months of 2010 I did a faux texture project at NYC Paintball and Lasertag in Long Island City. I was working on a space that they were building to basically be a haunted house lasertag field. The concept was a nazi zombie like atmosphere in an experimental laboratory that has steel bulkhead doors, a medical area, prison hallway, and is just all around a place you dont wanna be in.

A couple months of painting later and the interior looks awesome.

Now that they’ve opened and have been getting busier and busier, the owner asked me to do something with the main entrance to the lasertag part, this became known as “Asylum”, the idea is that evil nazis use prisoners and patients to accomplish their goals,… and then some Wolfenstein like stuff happens and there is zombies. Its fluid, its fun, it works, thats all you really need to do, is have fun.

So when I initially started this I had a few sketches, then I basically drew on the wall in pencil to figure out what was going where. I appreciate that people enjoy seeing something happening when you are turning a white wall into a scene. Its a cool feeling to share that process with people who dont see it often. Although it is a little distracting at times which is why I tend to prefer working after hours so I can crank my music up and paint like a madman, bwuahahahaha. yes, thats out, thank you.

Anyway, once I’d established my layout, I layed a dark blue/purple background as it is a night scene, and then started laying brownish green base for the zombies… heres a couple images to get that across for ya.

Zombies in base color

Basic mural progress

So that was the conclusion of a few worksdays, The wall of brick was pretty much done, the color in background was laid in, zombies starting to get shaded, all rolling.

Bars filled in, minor highlights

Got the bars filled in, blackish with little to no detail at this point. Had also done some fun details in the background, there is a building with a few lights on, as well as a tower. Havent been able to get a good pic of the tower yet, need to use a better quality cam then my ipod which I’m using now, however heres a shot of the lower window area. (yes I know, these need to be in better quality shots, I’m workin on it.)


a window with lighting in the background

A couple more images as I started to base coat in some of the details I wanted in the figures. Also, before I’m asked, these are painted with indoor quality house paint which is essentially working like acrylic for me. I’m mixing all my own colors from cans of red yellow and blue with white and black. I like it that way. Here’s last of the shots and then ending this post before updating with current status pics.

Beginning more detail on the characters themselves


beginning shading process, progress shot.

Keep checking for more cool stuff,…. once I type the posts out. haha.



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