Update, dun dun dun….

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

So the Dark Arts Music Festivus this past weekend was awesome. Got to meet some really cool people and had a great time hanging out and then painting with the headlining band, I got to paint alongside Desolate to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and afterward the live painted piece sold. All around a great evening, looking forward to doing that again. Thanks in particular to Alissa of ‘Brutal Bitches Productions’ and Joseph of ‘Horns up Rocks’, you guys did an amazing job at putting together that show. And special thanks to all the bands who rocked the house.

I had fun, can ya tell?

In other news, the mural at NYC paintball is finished, YES!!! Walls are finished and sealed, and I’m discussing the next project with the client. Looking forward to painting that whole place as time rolls on. Pictures will be up from both the Festivus and the Mural project as soon as I can.

Allllso. I need to refind the link to the first issue of the compilation comic I did in March, ordered a box of copies that I will be selling at $5 per book (signed by me), this is my first comic release, its a learning point and I can guarantee better next time, but in all honesty it came out pretty damn good for a cherry popper, and I’m gla to have been featured alongside some other great artists and storytellers. If you want a signed copy, contact me directly. If you want just a copy, will have link up soon (just have to dig it outta my inbox)

what else, hrm,….. Oh yeah, I have two shows coming up in June, the first will be at 320 studios in midtown area earlier in June, and the second is going to be a feature in the hell’s kitchen studio art tours at the end of June, of which I am part of the design team for the magazine that will be released to promote the event in the beginning of June. Dates and exact locations will be released soon. Looking forward to seeing all at these events and any others that happen to come along in the near future.

I’m working, doing my thing, and appreciate all the comments and support that everyone has been giving me. Thank you so much.

All the best til next time, keep creating, I know I will.


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