Break, followed by heavy workload.

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Took the weekend off in order to go spend some time with my family on LI. Time that was much needed. Back in Queens about to settle in for a solid 12+ hours on the hells kitchen studio tours magazine cover. Should be posting as good of a pic as I can get of it on here when I finish this stage of work on it. If I dont pass out after this marathon session I’ll be working on either a commission piece or one of several of my own paintings that are in the works.

Also need to hit one of my new favorite art supply places tomorrow to gather wooden boards to paint on, and a large jug of gesso to prep them for my creative madness. Bwuahaha.

Will be posting up the details and poster for the contrast art show soon as well. I’ll be showing my work with a number of other great artists at this event. It is going from Thursday June 9th at 5pm if I recall correctly -Sat June 11th sometime around 11pm-ish. 320 studios in midtown NYC. Address and poster to be posted soon.

Currently I’m in a search for some models, mainly women, but also a few guys for some upcoming projects. Seeing as I’m the artist type I’d prefer someone who is willing to trade services for either an original sketch or a signed print of the final version of what we work on. But willing to discuss other terms of work/trade depending on the person. If anyone knows of anyone potentially interested, please let me know or pass my info along. Thanks.

As a final note on this post. I have the link for the comic book, which I may be able to copy/paste on here once I figure out how to do so from an ipod touch,… Wish me luck.



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