Some new stuff is happening, and things on the horizon

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Commissioned Artwork, JGroeling Personal Artwork

Yes, still trying to update on here when I can. Waiting on my PC to finish being repaired so that I can use my flatscanner to scan some larger images, til then all I’ve got is a camera shot and a scan from a gallery of two pieces.

This first one is a commissioned painting of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. A pretty large piece that took a while to do more because of the meticulousness of getting everything laid out as accurately as I could get it.

As an FYI, part of the reason this took a while is because its sometimes more difficult to reproduce an already existing image than it is to create your own.

The second image is another of the Mine.Mind series I’ve been adding to as I go. This one is far less abstract than some of the others, as it was also part of the Erotic series show I’d done. I’d forgotten to scan or take a good photo of it, and then it sold during the Contrast art show, so I had to ask the gallery to get me a good image before the buyer picked up the piece. Thankfully Jack at 320 Studios is friendly and helpful and didn’t have a problem getting an image for me.

In other news, I should soon be able to release images of the original art for the cover of the Hell’s Kitchen magazine. As well as final copies of the flyers and ads that my work was used on.

The Seeking Kali piece which was worked up in brown tones and converted to grayscale for the “Seeking Kali” site and show has been being colored and will soon be completed. As well as two other works in progress that should be done by the end of next week, at which point I’ll see if I can get a photographer friend to take images for me so I can update this page again.

Annnnnnd, I just finished stretching a few new canvases which are now awaiting priming and sketches, once I finish this current batch of paintings. Yes, I’m working with canvas again too. Have been experimenting with the different surfaces to try and decide what I enjoy working on the most. After these few canvases I will decide two major thing: first, a size that I feel suits my work best. I’ve been painting larger and am getting more comfortable with it. and second, what to paint on at that size. After I’ve answered those two questions I will be doing a limited number series. I’m not sure how many pieces will be part of the series, but they will all have a connected theme and concept, and will be the same size and material,…. something I really dont do with my work too often.

Keep checking back for future updates, and as always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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