NYC Paintball, Multiple mural project.

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Mural

What I’m currently working on, as far as commercial projects goes, is a continuous mural project at NYC Paintball.This will consist of a number of larger than life figures of paintball players in action.

This is a new project and will keep me occupied for at least a few weeks, as I’ll be painting continuously as the wall space is prepped for me. Looks to currently be around 7-8 walls that will be part of this mural project. guess we’ll see what the final tally is when we get there.

Started as a simple pencil sketch on paper, which I then transferred a variant of to the wall by hand. Today I started laying paint, the lighter (what looks like a blue) gray color was the base, filling in shade on the figure. Here is is before I added his head into the mix.

base coated shading, of the headless/legless paintball player

After all the lighter gray was down, I started adding a mid tone gray to build more depth as well as add most of the detail work. I was a little caught up in this stage so i didn’t snap any pics until i was nearly done for the night.

I think he's somewhere around 8 feet tall, maybe close to 9.

A closer hot showing the whole paintball marker.

That’s the current status of part one of the mural. Just needs some black to add slightly more depth, and build contrast on the borders, and white for additional contrast and highlights. Then onto the next wall.

After I finish the rest of the paintball players, I’ll be doing what amounts to about two stories of wall space on the outside of the lazertag space. This will be my largest single commercial project to date, and also my first external mural piece. I’m very much looking forward to doing this project, and showing it off. It will be bold and striking, as well as a very huge bit of self promotion as it will have a lot of traffic going by. Probably starting that one next month, depending on weather, prep work that needs to be done, and availability to get in there and paint. We’ll see, but I’m definitely psyched on this one, as I forsee it opening a lot of new doors.


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