Paintball Mural Updates.

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Mural
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Overall image of wall 1 w paint splats

Alrighty then. So what we’ve got in today’s update is the complete images from wall 1 and the buildup and finish of wall 2. Wall 3 I ‘ll update progress and completion images by Friday (dont want this one to be over image heavy, or to give too much away in one go)

That first image I’ve got up is the first wall I did, still haven’t quite measured it yet. But it is fairly tall, you’ll see it compared to a door frame a few images down for a size estimation. Seeing as my camera is not the best for this I decided to take a couple up close shots for your convenience, so here are those.

This is the figure after al is said and done, with my signature added on the bottom.

and by bottom I mean under his backpack thing. You cant see it aside from as a line, but it’s there.

The noggin

Closeup on the player’s mask, paintball marker, gloves and hopper (the thing on the top of the marker) These are all roughly based off of actual products,if you are interested in looking this cool. Also, just so it is noted, I did have a friend of mine do the pose for this one as a reference. Thanks Ramunas, your sorta, kinda, looks like you glory will live on in this wall for a while.

And the body shot, booya

You can sorta see the signature in this, but that’s not really the important part. The jersey is that of a team called NY Venom, a NYC local team who competes in tournaments, gotta rep local pride. The jersey in particular belongs to a friend, thanks Oscar (he may or may not have bought me a meal as bribery, just sayin)

So, there is wall one, you’ll see it again in some of the other shots, but those are the detail images, hope you like.

Next, some people have been asking about how I plan these things out, so quick rundown:

1- sketch

Sketch for wall 1 is on the top, and the sketch for wall 2 is on bottom.

2- grid sketch, usually very roughly. (see above)

3- grid wall using painters tape also usually very roughly.

wall 2 roughly gridded

4- Transfer sketch as best as possible according to grid.

5- ???

6- Profit

……… 5 usually involves some work, as you’ll see in the following images.

Stage 1 of painting.

both walls, 1 is done, 2 is started with first coat of paint.

After applying the sketch to the wall, I start in with a lighter tone to build up my basic shading, This is also where I’m fleshing out my figure, figuring out what goes where, how the shadows fall, etc.

stage 2

Starting in on the darker gray with stage 2

The second stage is me laying a darker gray color into the shadows, and using it to give added dimension for parts that need to pop out a little better, arms, leg, bunker, etc.

And here is what stage 2 looks like when done.

Shadows and darker shade done.

Here I’ve laid all the darker gray, now I go in with black paint.

stage 3

black paint

You’ll notice that the black is only meant to accentuate details, and add a little more shading, not too much is used, so this stage tends to go quick. It is more detail intensive, but really it’s just putting the final touches on before the last part.

Stage 4

white highlights added, project done.

This stage goes very quick, I’m pretty much just adding minor highlights to make things pop out a little better on the figure, and a bit of light reflecting off the big bunker he’s kneeling behind.

So that’s pretty much that wall done. Here are a couple detail shots, as well as a final overall on these.

with signature, under butt area.

As an FYI, this is no one in particular, however It could really be anyone.

Closup shot of mask and hand that is loading.

And the detail on the body/paintball marker

So that is the completion of wall 2.

Here is a shot of both of the finished walls together.


So, there you have it, two big walls done, one to go, and then painting more projects here. I’s going to be a busy, busy next two months for me. Hope you keep checking back to see status updates and new projects. As always your emails an messages are greatly appreciated, I will respond as soon as am able.

Oh, and one last thing, wall number three is actually done right now, but I’ll save the update for sometime by Friday. Enjoy, and if you feel like taking a guess on what the last wall turned into, feel free.


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