Third wall at NYC Paintball

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Mural
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Taped up and ready to roll.

Hey all, we are up to wall three of the paintball mural project. Starting off with the standard grid system to get my sketch up, annnnd, then it’s painted. I only took a couple in progress shots on this one. Multiple reasons for that. First and foremost, the location of this wall is in a fairly narrow hallway which doesnt allow for the best of picture taking. Second, because while working on it I had a bunch of visitors and friends stopping by to say hi, sooo, it sorta slipped my mind while I was working. Not a biggie, I think most of the people checking out this page are more interested in the finished product than anything, amiright?

So, here is the first stage color, all layed down.

ghostly, I like it.

The tape on the wall is my cheat sheet for necessary straight lines. A piece of tape keeps the border straight, and then I just peel it off when done.

Also in case you weren’t sure on what the placement is looking like, here ya go.

The character on wall three is running up to shoot the character on wall 2.

It’s a little difficult trying to get an image to make sense with such a sharp angle difference, but I think it came out well enough to make sense, you’ll understand when you see all of this put together.

After those two shots, the wall magically became done without any other photos happening,…. must be my leprechauns sneaking in to finish the work for me. Love those little fellas.

Anyway, before you check out the finished artwork for wall three, and the panoramic view that a friend took for me, let me explain something briefly about the layout here ———————

This series of walls is located at NYC Paintball, the paintings are in a hallway area that contains both restrooms, and the locker room for players to stow their gear. Wall 1 is right by the men’s restroom, the idea is that guys round the corner to go use the bathroom and as they do, suddenly there is a giant paintball player shooting in their direction… ish.

Wall two is the one most people see when they start coming down the hall, it is also the door to the employee only room, thus the lack of a door handle.

This now, the third wall, is the wall right before the women’s restrooms. As such, I decided when I was planning this out that I wanted a girl on this wall. And I wanted her to be in action. Paintball, like most sports is a guy dominant sport, but I personally think it is awesome when girls get involved, have fun, and shoot some guys out. So I wanted something a little women motivational. What that boiled down to was me drawing a very tiny, very petite (yes, she is supposed to be quite short) girl/young woman, running up to shoot out a big guy hiding behind a bunker.

That is pretty much it, hope it is enjoyed, here ya go……..


Runnin' and gunnin'

Angle pic for upper half.

Angle pic for lower half


Here’s where is starts to make a little more sense, …

about to get bunkered


Now I’ve got a few close up’s on the girl player, then a special panoramic treat.

Upper body closeup

Yes,.... those are ducks on her pack. Quack quack.

and, the legs.

There you have it. first three walls down of this project, more to come, as well as some personal painting work to be added over the weekend,…. most likely. If not, updates by Monday.

Oh and, this one you have to click on the image to get the full idea, but a friend of mine, Eric, the owner and operator at Pure Pwnage Paintball took this awesome panoramic shot.


(click ^^^ for awesome)


I did realize after the fact that all these pics are actually from before I added the paintball splatters on the big x bunker the girl is running at, but I’ll get those in when I have someone come take some really good photos for the portfolio.




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