Paintball Mural, wall 4.

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Mural
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Last time I updated the mural status was some time ago, and I actually wound up finishing the fourth an final wall shortly after I updated. Have just been busy with projects.

So without further ado, here’s the progress and completion on the last of that part of the project.

Laying down the basics

Laying down some mid ground gray to work from, simple shading basically over a light line drawing.

and the other side, not yet base coated

Stage 2 pretty much involved darkening out everything around the border, the idea is that you are looking though a paintball mask onto the field. Simple enough, fun to create.

Stage 2, darker shades.

an the right side.

Next couple images is a compound of stage 2 and 3 me thinks. darker shade and I think some highlit areas… not 100%, wasn’t keeping on top of my photo breaks as I was having a bit of fun just painting and having the employees asking me questions.

Although by far favorite question was from a customer while I was in the middle of painting some detail, “So, are you like an artist or something?”. Why yes, I do believe so, thanks for asking.

Left side, lots of goodness added

annnnnd the right side yet again.

After that last part, all I really needed to do was sharpen up some details with some black lines in spots, and then add highlights of white, as well as some writing tossed in as part of the requested piece.

So finished.

Also note that the writing was actually suggested by one of the NYCPB employees to be done as a paintball player with two stone tablets with the rules written on them, funny, but not what was going for. So instead we went with this layout and incorporating the field rules into the wall this way.

left side

right side

In case you didn’t catch it, that’s my info on the right side of the wall. It’s not directly in the image, but there with good visibility. It’s also the only spot with my info in this area.

And some close up shots.

The rules, verbatim as I was asked them to be put up on the wall. Also, pre-peeling painter tape.

Close up on the marker details. If anyone wants to know, that is an autococker paintball marker with a halo hopper(the thing on top), I took pics of what was in the pro-shop for reference.

and the litle dude crawling up the 'snake', with onlookers enjoying the game from the sidelines.

So that is it for the current indoor paintball stuff. Currently working on a big outdoor project for the same place, will update with in progress shots of that later this week/weekend most likely. Keeping busy

Oh and, I did these little lettering bits for the bathroom hallway there too.

We're men, men is what we are.

This is just to show where the men sign is, peek-a-boo.

This part makes me laugh a bit because the way the painting is designed is the when people walk into this area they see the second wall, of the paintballer kneeling down reloading straight ahead, then when they turn to the left “bam”, they’ve got the image from wall 1 big and pointing in their general direction. I know it doesn’t sound like much but while painting I actually heard some kids and teens go “woah”, and it made me chuckle.

And then there’s the women’s door. This lettering is extra large because guys constantly walk in that direction,…. although even with the big letter people seem oblivious. Dunno if it’s because they cant read or because they’ve got to pee so bad they dont care.

just in case you didn't know, that means it's for the fairer sex.

Also, I seem to destroy paintbrushes….

where'd it go?

^ that is actually the same brush, they were both new when I brought them to work on this, the one on the right finished the fine detail of walls 1,2 and 3. Then looked like that. So I had to replace with the left one for wall 4…. wonder how many I’ll burn through outside.

Out for now, check back soon.


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