Posted: October 28, 2011 in News

No images in this one just yet, just some updates.
Now that the PC is back up and running I decided to start changing some things up. First of all, no longer redirects to my deviantart account, it now redirects here.

Big reason for that being the advertising issue. I dont like the fact that my page on DA shows ads for random crap. Secondly is the fact that quite a bit of my art work gets considered adult only simply because there is nudity. Third being that with some of my upcoming artwork,… theres more nudity and in some cases more visually shocking imagery. Dont worry, you’ll see.

Also, because of all the in progress stuff and the mural projects it makes more sense to have things redirected here right now.

As far as when the new will be redone and up and running…. dunno for sure. I think by the end of November, depending on where I am with the site I’ll be at least converting the homepage to a splash page that offers a redirect to either the blog or the DA site. For now this works best.


Aside from the site changes, I’ve been getting a lot of people stopping by the mural I’m working on and asking for info, part of why the new business card order. I’m considering either painting or ordering a banner with my website info and email on it to display behind me while I’m working. I feel like that will make it easier for people to get the info if they are interested, and I wont have as many distractions while I’m working. Believe me it’s nice to have random strangers compliment you while they walk (or drive) by, but unless I’m taking a break from working it does start to get distracting after a while. So I’ve been just keeping in headphones most of the time.

If you happen to know of any places that do custom banners for decent prices, or just plain cheap, feel free (and encouraged) to send me an email with the site or company info, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


Unfortunately my current comic is delayed due to my lack of time to work on it recently, but will be getting on that soon, as well as posting some teasers of new projects as I get further into them.

Another commissioned project that I’m finishing up now has some great potential depending on a meeting this coming Tuesday. Will see what happens with it, wish luck.

Updates tomorrow or Saturday with pictures of current mural status as well as shots of it on it’s way there.

Jimmy Rabbit, out.


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