NYC outdoor paintball/lasertag teaser.

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Commissioned Artwork, Mural
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The endpiece of the paintball side, not quite done as of this photo.

Hey all, didn’t get a free moment to update the other day unfortunately. Work and social requirements. However, here is a teaser of what’s been going on recently.

First, we’ve got the above shot up there of the endpiece character on the paintball half of the outside mural I’ve been working on. This was an earlier in progress shot, still getting there. But you get the idea so far.

Next we have a shot of what is essentially my workspace at the moment. ladder and chair for holing my supplies, extra paint for mixing on the ground, and oh hey, there appears to be some painting happening on that wall there. I know the pics aren’t the best, but it’s night time shot with my ipod, better pics in the near future.

most of the groundwork down on the paintball half

And, because I’m so nice to my viewers sometimes,…. heres a daytime shot of the current state of it. Still need to darken up some spots and add some shadow, will be finishing up as of next week (the 14th or 15th most likely), should have more, and better shots up by Monday night/Tuesday morning.

most of detail down, just need to add more shading.


So there is it so far, a quick update for your viewing pleasure.



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