I’m now in some videos on the internet….. Oh no!

First we’ve got a short clip shot by my friend Rom while I was working late Friday evening in the cold, windy night hours on current wall

And then, a self shot video of the wall (still in progress) to show basically what I’ve been up to for the past three weeks or so.

Probably upload with some images of the current state of the wall Monday or Tuesday depending on schedule. If there are any progress images requested I can probably toss them up, but would be very image heavy so going to just put up the current (pretty much done, maybe some minor detailing, and possibly lettering added) imagery.

Thanks. for looking/watching.

Also, I’ve been in a number of photoshoots over the past couple weeks while working on this, should hopefully have some images and links to share with more shots from the photographers.

Out for now.


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