Happy Pre-emptive Turkeyday (sketch)

Posted: November 24, 2011 in JGroeling Personal Artwork, News

Was going to do an odd little sketch of some kind of turkey creature,…. still may happen, although likely tomorrow instead of tonight.

So what you get today instead is a rough sketch for a concept that I’ll be creating soon. I’ve had a mind for bio-organic and robotic creatures/beings lately, so I’m exploring that in my sketchbooks and seeing what comes of it. Fun ideas, cool imagery, and constantly evolving ideology behind each image that springs to mind.


Have a number of projects coming up, so by the end of this coming weekend should have at the very least some new sketches, possibly even a couple finished paintings added up. Also have a few more of the Mine.Mind series of drawings which I should be able to scan by early this coming week.

Two brief things in closing, first, I’ll be uploading an image possibly tonight or tomorrow which was emailed to me by a photographer who snapped the image while I was working on the NYCPB mural. It’s one of the coolest shots I’ve seen so far of me working and made me incredibly happy to see it show up in the inbox. So thank you.

Second, I’m starting to receive additional requests for artwork to be completed as holiday gifts. So if you are interested in having work done, I’d like to request that you start getting in touch as soon as possible. Thanks.

All the best, and happy holiday.



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