Awesome image from in progress of mural (photo)

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Commissioned Artwork, News, Photos of JGroeling, Promo, Zombie Mural

image by Richard Datre photography

This image was sent to me recently from a photographer who I met while I was working on the NYCPB mural. Cool guy, very nice, great image. By far one of my favorite images of me working on a project so far…. possibly because it’s my more photogenic side, but more likely because it’s a great shot of what I’m working on while also showing what I spend a fairly good amount of time doing…. figuring out the next thing to do on it.

All in all, cool image, should also have more coming in from a few other photographers. Thanks Richard, also to check out more of his work go to Thanks.

Meetings this week for future projects. Possible mini comic update as of tomorrow. And a commission or two image uploaded by end of the week. Gonna be a busy month, so be sure to check back.



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