Severina (sketch)

Posted: December 2, 2011 in JGroeling Personal Artwork, News, Sketchbook

The mini comic is still going through some work, and the meetings and new projects are adding up. There will be at least one new image by the end of the weekend. probably more so than that, depends on how the meetings work out.

So in the mean time, to satisfy some visual desires, here is another sketchbook page. This is a ninja character I created for a game, I think she looks pretty awesome, so I may include her as a comic character in the near future as well. It’s nice to have an abundance of ideas to pull from so I come up with them as often as possible in case I ever manage to hit a dry spell. Notebooks and sketchbooks full of visual concepts and stories will keep me well fed creatively. Now I just need time to create them all. That’s where all these new commissions come into play.

Severina Shadowsong

Additional note, as I’m building my character design and illustration portfolio based on fantasy imagery, currently working on about four different ones. Commissions based on game design imagery, be it DnD, Vampires, White Wolf, Wow, Champions, Rift, etc, will be prioritized for right after the holidays are over (due to time constraints). If you get your orders in before December 25th I’ll probably even give you a discount on the project.


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