From a photoshoot with Chelleby Starr (photo)

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Mural, Photos of JGroeling

The wall in Progress

In November, shortly before I finished up the paintball/laser tag logo in Long Island city, I was involved in a few different photography sessions. Basically photographers who had seen my work in progress would stop by and ask if they could take photos of me in the process of creating the art on the wall. This is the photographic work of Chelleby, who was kind enough to send me these images recently. Personally I really like the black and white look, feels more like an archival image to me. Anyway, here’s me sharing some of the imagery from the recent email batch.

Me working in the background

Laughing and smiling while listening to music, painting, and joking with the dual photographer action

The above makes me chuckle, as that’s pretty much what happens when I’m chatting with anyone while working, laughing and having fun. Good times.

With the other photog on scene. Hard at work

Thanks again for the awesome shots Chelleby. Looking forward to having you around by the time I get the next big project up and rolling. Til then, all the best.

More work up over next couple days, as well as updates in gallery layouts and pages on here. Trying to finish all my current holiday projects while also cleaning up this site so it’s easier for new viewers to navigate and enjoy.

Keep a look out.





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