Awesome gifts from friends (news)

Posted: December 24, 2011 in News
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fun times ahead

So far my holiday is already looking awesome having received some pretty cool gifts from friends. The box head and marshmallow head are RoseArt color blanks, which are made of plastic and have moveable arms and twistable heads. The idea is to make them up as your own, which is a winning gift for me, as that’s what I like to do anyway. The one in the middle is a KidRobot Munny, which is essentially the same thing, but came with a plastic prop and is molded to be seamless. Both are awesome, and they’ll definitely become quite cool little beings. Thanks for the awesome gifts, they’ll be put to good use.

Also received some new brushes and paint from friends as well, which works as they’ll be used on some upcoming projects. Thanks as well.

(Note: One of the figures has already been requested as a commission for early 2012)

Will be adding some of the holiday commissions I’ve been working on later Xmas eve, and early Xmas morning. Keep an eye out.



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