Circus Ticket IOUs (Holiday Commission)

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Commissioned Artwork
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sealant drying post cut.

Here’s a holiday commission that was actually a pretty neat concept from the client. Basically, the client’s gf and he are both working a lot lately, and as such have somewhat hectic schedules. (I know the feeling myself) For the holidays he really wanted to take her to the Cirque du Soliel show ‘Dralion’, as they’ve both expressed interest in it. However, since they dont yet know when they’ll be free to go to it, he commissioned me to create an IOU placeholder. Something to represent the show and show the concept of awesome tickets, while also being something that they can hold on to for the future as a memento of sorts. So, after checking out the show, and realizing it is an incredibly colorful element based performance, I played with some rough sketch concepts and wound up creating these for them.


The character depicted is Yao of the fire demons, and he’s split along with the show title as a representation that the two ‘admit one’s are meant to go together. Its a cute couple concept gift. Hopefully she appreciates it coming from her boyfriend.

Happy Holidays.


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