Customized card tin (Holiday Commission)

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Commissioned Artwork
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The client for this one requested a custom gift box for a friend’s magic the gathering cards. She wanted the artwork based heavily off of a specific magic card. “Ghost Council of Orzhova” is the card title, and the artist is Greg Staples, which is pretty much an awesome image . Since a direct reproduction is not in my interest, at all, I talked her into letting me do something very similar but more in my own style.

So the finished piece, now being a wider wrap around, definitely emulated the feel of the original idea, while being changed up enough (architecture is completely different, characters are drawn in basically same layout but more and different clothing and looks) to still hold the same dark foreboding feel without being a repro. Comes around as a wrap to the recipients name, which is part of the point of getting a custom job.

Here’s the sketch work on this which I then transferred onto the primed tin and painted.

Box after pencil transfer from paper sketch.

And the finished product, which came out pretty cool in my opinion.

(note: The image quality on these shots isnt the best, shot with an ipod touch at the moment, however will have a new digital camera after holidays for far better image quality of future projects. So bear with me and more things will come.

Front figure w lid open

The right side

Back with name

Back with lid open

Left side wrap to front

For those interested, the approximate dimensions of this box is 3″ wide x 2.10″ Deep and 4″ Tall. Also this is pretty much what it looked like before i did my work on it.

<- untouched Deck Vault from ultra-pro. -> Commissioned box with art.


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