First post of the new year (WIP)

Posted: January 15, 2012 in JGroeling Personal Artwork, News
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Hey all, been a little busy so far in 2012.

Did another small mural down in Broad Channel, NY. However, seeing as I’ve been asked to do an extension of it by the business owner (and the pics I got of the finished part was at night and not the best of quality shots), I’ve decided to hold off on posting the images just yet. But should be back there in another week or two.

Have a pretty cool drawing in the works or which I’ll show a little teaser here.

Cybernetic things are always a pleasure to draw

Some of you may recognize this character as the girl in the “TechChristie” sketch I posted in November. Decided to see what I could do with some blue pencil and a nice surface and this is where that started heading.  Still a lot of surface to cover, and then I’ve got to decide what I’m doing with the drawing, be it leaving it as is, adding paint, or scanning and coloring digitally. That last one is happening anyway as I’ve been playing with programs a little in my spare time when I do have it. Will see, so be sure to check back for this one.and should have a finished painting or two up by the end of the week.

There are a few other projects that are in the works that I’m really excited about, but wont go into detail on those yet. Just looking forward to seeing how things progress.

Happy 2012.



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