Meeting the neighbor part 2 (JDGAF Comic #2)

Posted: January 28, 2012 in JDGAF Comics
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New 4 panel comic for your entertainment.
Been having fun with these quite a bit (may be obvious), and intend to try and put out at least one new JDGAD comic every two weeks, if not sooner. Already have dozens of characters filling my sketchbooks that will make this a fairly entertaining and odd comic. Hopefully we’ll see something continuous and fun from it. Also, please take into account that JDGAF is exactly that, it will be odd, deranged, nasty, dirty, rude, crude, and full of ‘tude at times. So be aware, that not all is as nice and cute as it may seem.

for part one, click here

Anyway, here’s part 2.


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