Meeting the neighbor part 3 (JDGAF Comic #3)

Posted: February 6, 2012 in JDGAF Comics
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Within 2 weeks, as foretold… (hopefully that will keep happening)

Okay, so before we get into the comic itself, I did warn you last time that things were going to start getting crude. It’s interesting with this that as I am working on the art for one of these comics, I’m already seeing where the story is going to go next. For the most part I’m winging it. Have a few ideas to throw in at some point, but dunno where they’ll end up.

Still, it’s a fun break from other projects.




I’m particularly a fan of the little “girl heads” tweeting around his unconscious noggin. What will happen next? dun dun dun.

Once I have some time I’ll be adding more pages under ‘Galleries’ still deciding on a look, but have a lot to link. Once I’ve added a few pages I’ll be sure to include a JDGAF page for easy viewing of the comic as it progresses.

Another JDGAF should be up  in less than two weeks. And probably a painting up sometime this week. (or at least a teaser)

Check back soon.


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