Street art samplers

Posted: February 29, 2012 in JGroeling Personal Artwork
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Also known as extra work stickers

This is actually homework for a legit project, but I’m going to have some fun with it.
So, what’s happening here is, each of these little drawings (measurements are approx 2″ x 3″ each) are created on a different kind of paper. The letter under the JMS tag coincide with a sheet of paper where I’m keeping track of what is what. Each also has a rating on it. I may go into detail at the end of the experiment, but not now.
What each of these are, is a test. They have been made so I can try some different papers with a homemade adhesive (wheat paste), and see what works the best for creating artwork, and adhering it to a brick wall. Depending on how well this works out, you may see some more detailed mural work coming your way from me, as I can then work on pieces at home, and slap them up street art style.

All in all, it’s fun so far. Tomorrow however will be the deciding factor on how this goes as I’ll be testing the adhesive use on some walls. Wish me luck.

Also, this week’s comic is a bit delayed, will be up by Tuesday or Wed of this coming week most likely. The murals and art show setup have been a bit of a time consumer.
JG out for now

  1. Galatea says:

    Um. Can you pretty please paste the one with the tail on my wall like we meant to and then didn’t? I’m somewhat in love with how cute it is.

    p.s. Yes. The wall is quite prickly.

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