Bouquet of Dreams (Donated to Make a Wish Foundation)

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Commissioned Artwork
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In February I was asked if I would be willing to donate a piece of artwork to ‘Make A Wish’ as one of the prizes that they will be raffling off at their yearly fundraiser on Long Island. The theme for this years fundraising event is Bouquet of Dreams, so I decided to create something specifically for the event, as a thank you to whomever wins the piece. Basically it was a nice way for me to make some artwork that will help raise money for a company that does some really great things.

Looking forward to seeing how many people are interested in the piece, and if I’m asked to create something for the next one as well. Anyway, here’s the image.

The image quality on this isn’t the best as I had to send it off before I got a good scan, but should have a better quality image to replace this with later if my contact can get me the scan soon.

The image was signed front and back as usual, with a note that it was addressed to ‘Make A Wish’, and a couple of business cards for the new owner.


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