iCombat set design (week1)

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Mural
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Current big project in the works is doing the detail painting (and some construction work,… aka demolition) at the soon to be fully operational iCombat facility in Long Island City. Will apply all the proper links to the company once we’re fully running.

What I’m doing is 1. Chiseling out the walls of foam to create shapes and buildings. 2. Painting said shapes and buildings to look like buildings. This is just the basic part of it, we are also bringing in props and 3D elements to add to the buildings and make them even more realistic. Basically this place is going to look like a street scene from any war movie/video game you’ve experienced, but you can play on it. Awesome? Yes.

So, here’s a peek at what I had to start with after they started building up some of the scene for me to work on.

Yeah, doesn’t look like much yet does it? That’s why they brought me in.


Here we have my good friend Eric helping me out to chisel out the shapes. Very physically demanding work, but damn is it also satisfying to whack the crap out of that stuff.


After chiseling out the shapes, as well as some battle scarring on the walls, it was time to fill in some of the space for detailing and background appearance. So here I am painting in filler. The respirator is because I was switching back and forth from brush to spray paints.

A little messy, but did I mention very relieving?

Taking a quick photo op moment,….. covered in paint, dust, sweat, and oh hai!

Wall 4 of 5, chiseled and blacked in, ready for some more paint to bring out details and texture it up.

Here’s wall 2 of 5 pretty much done as far as the base painting goes, waiting on a door to be installed, and props added. As far as the black and white scorpions in the door frame, those were an experiment with spray painting stencils, they came out pretty spot on, so I’ll be having some serious fun with that approach in the near future.

That’s all I’ve got for now, Week 2 was mostly just me working and forgetting to snap shots, but will update with images of the current look as soon as can.

One more post coming your way.


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