iCombat set design (week 2-3)

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Mural
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So, seeing as I wasn’t keeping up too much on photography for the project over the 2nd week, these two are getting grouped in together. Here’s a collection of shots of what has been added to the project over the past couple weeks.


First is a look at the walls that I carved out. Door paneling has been added (which will also have a weathered/beaten up appearance), some shading evident on this one from where I started. As well as the line layout for a broken glass effect in some windows, and the addition of some props, plans, grass stuffed into spots on the walls. More to come.

Wall 5, also with added doors, numbers for the spaces, plants, the start of a small sidewalk instal;, and a grate which will be mounted over a window soon.

That’s all for the first side, still some small detailing and such to add, but have been working on second side more so these couple weeks.

Here’s the stone basing and texture being added to the bank building. (Note: all of these are actually playable buildings, for example, the bank has an inside that resembles an office building, with computers, desks, files cabinets, the works)

More of the bank, with my bags of foam (which will very likely be used to create rubble effects), the soon to be clothing store in the back, and a sneak peek at what will in the near future, look like a big, mean, tank.

This one is going to be the clothing store exterior. As you can see here, the broken glass effect comes out pretty friggin cool looking after some work.

Going to skip the restaurant building for now, as that is still waiting on some props before I can advance work with it. So, here’s the toy store/video store.

To give you a brief idea of what I started with. Gray based walls, which I then taped out my windows and such, basecoated a white fill for the glass, and then,…… a little work, and

presto chango, broken windows, and some beaten up building. Obviously these guys all still need detailing (to sharpen the battle damage, and to add the window fill) as well as the addition of props. window frames, molding, benches and other sidewalk shopping items. Will be pretty sweet when done.

The last wall on this side, which is the grocery store, was pretty fun because I got to play around and make a stencil to create the illusion of an AC unit, all out of tape (which I’ve been doing), buuuuut, this time I was able to build the tape stencil in such a way, that I could actually transfer it to the other side after painting. Which was pretty cool. Here’s a brief rundown on that.

Tape Layouts, and windows primed above AC unit.

Gettin down n dirty, as usual. (this is just so you get an idea how big these spaces are)

After a base of black, and some drybrushed gray lines.

Looks interesting to say the least.

After peeling the tape, and doing the windows. Still needs some highlighting, but you get where it’s going.

Tape after transfer, which was a bit of a pain in the butt to transfer in one piece, but it worked, so saved me a lot more time than a full stencil reapplication.

That’s the update for now. Project has been extended by the integration of different prop work and such. So hoping to have it done within another week, maybe week and a half. Check back for updates.


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