Toy Art Show (Exhibition)

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Exhibits, JGroeling Personal Artwork, Promo
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This Saturday, while I’ll be doing the WCS charity run in the Bronx, some of my pieces will be at an event in NJ with friends. The above is the flyer for the show, created by Greyegg McKenna. Hopefully my Jersey friends can make it over to the show before May 5th to check it out, and enjoy some cool pieces.

What I did for the event was take a couple figures, gifts from here, and turn them into a cute little laughable duo. The concept of the show, was to create toy, so I wanted cute and lighthearted, while still maintaining some badassery. Kids deserve cool toys, and I know these would’ve made me a happy kid.

So, sketched onto primed figures

and then.

dun dun dun,….

Once I came onto the concept, I chuckled to myself, and did so often while painting these little guys. Pirates vs Ninjas,… come on. It’s a classic question, who will win.

Here’s a could little detailing shots to avoid any loss of detail from the lighting glare on the sealant coat of varnish.



Because, ninjas are silent, but deadly. Also, in case you’re curious, the kanji on the ninja’s headband (from what I can tell on the internet) translates roughly to ‘Shadow’, which I liked, could be wrong, as the interwebs are not always the most reliable. If so, oh well, if not, he’s just that much more awesome.

Anyway, enjoy, and hope you get to check out the show. These guys were pretty fun to make so I think once I finish my current string of projects I’m going to order a bunch more and have fun.

JG out


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