Music-Kin Sunday Breeze 7/15

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Exhibits, News, Photos of JGroeling
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This past Sunday I was part of a great event put on by Music-Kin at Spike Hill in Brooklyn, kicking off their start to the weekly Sunday events.

The venue was great, the food and drinks were great, the atmosphere was perfect and relaxed for a summer Sunday. The music was absolutely fantastic, and I’d not expected the quality of talented artists and musicians who would be part of this. Frankly, I was incredibly, pleasantly surprised. Thank you Music-Kin for having me, and I look forward to being a part of future events with you guys.
Also note, these events are running at Spike Hill, every Sunday of the summer, no entry costs, just go and enjoy the show, have some great food and good times with friends. Do eeet, y’know you wanna.

A shot giving you an idea of the venue, the back end has more space, and there is another full bar and seating area through a door at the end of the chalkboard bar menu.

Some artist guy at the event answering questions about the art. Not sure who he is, but lookin classy in that shirt buddy…… (hint: it’s me)


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