Boxers-Ninja,… so stealthy, pants are not required (Sketchbook)

Posted: July 22, 2012 in JGroeling Personal Artwork, Sketchbook
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Some people who’ve known me for a while have heard me refer to, or have seen some rough drafts of a character called Boxers-Ninja. Well, took a break from work today to doodle this in my sketchbook.

Because frankly, he’s a badass.

The backstory behind the Boxers-Ninja is that he is from an ancient ninja clan founded by a man who was so confident in his skills that he took a bet against another ninja clan. The bet was that he could break into the lord of the realms’ castle, steal his most prized and guarded possession, and not be detected at all, all while wearing only his undergarment. The ninja succeeded, and so many other ninjas were impressed by his abilities that he formed his own clan, in which expert ninjas would one day don only their undergarments to embark on missions, because they’re that damn good. The slight armor and face mask were permitted due to incidentals while traveling and the hiding of breath in cold weather.

So realistically, this guy is a streaker,… but nobody ever even knows!
He’ll likely make it into the JDGAF comics at some point as well, but for now, enjoy. I’m going back to work on a project under the codename of MES.



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