Strange Requests (Commission)

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Commissioned Artwork
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Sometimes, I’m asked to create imagery that may be a little ‘out there’ for some people, a client will have a visual they want to see created that most people may find, either too bizarre, or simply too low-brow to create. I however, love these projects, as they are often fun little weird variations from what I usually create, and I love the smile on someone’s face when I create something they are super happy with that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

This next image was a requested image by someone, I believe he mentioned the purpose is to post it on Reddit as a response to people continuously posting imagery of their pets…. Yes, that’s right, I was commissioned to create an image specifically for internet trolling. You’re welcome internets. Will see if I can get a link to the post and add it here once he posts it.

On Reddit, feel free to add karma to this one (the nice post to share my art).


The Troll post, as expected.
(Note: I don’t condone any form of animal abuse, nor does the client, the image is meant purely as a work of fantasy and humor, I mean come on, that’s a top hat and a monocle, classy people don’t launch puppies)


I’m entirely not sure what meme could be attached to this or will be attached, however, I was asked to draw a puppy being launched from a trebuchet,… and this is what I made. Enjoy internets.

  1. Reddit post:

    Again, James, you’re a brilliant human being and an extremely talented artist. Stay golden puppy boy.

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