Getting tech savvy,…. very slowly (news)

Posted: August 6, 2012 in News, Promo
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So, I’m finally a likeable page on facebook
Please feel free to Click, Like, and Share.

This has taken a long time to get around to doing. In case you’d not realized, I’m much more happy drawing, painting, and getting generally messy doing projects. Not so much about sitting in front of the computer and setting up pages and building online storefronts. I’ve realized however that it is a necessity, and am working on getting these things created. The FB page I’ll probably build into a contact bar on this site, along with my deviantart page. The shop, I’m currently setting up on Etsy and should be up and fully functional with at least a decent stock to start off within the next few days.
Check back soon for links to those, and maybe one day, once I’ve gotten the hang of all this social networking on the digital front, maybe one day I’ll have a twitter,….. shudders*. Haha.
More art coming up soon as well. Thanks


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