The Gunslinger (Ink Drawing)

Posted: August 29, 2012 in JGroeling Personal Artwork
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Been trying to set aside some time to work on more ink drawings. Mainly because I really enjoy them, and because they are more along the lines of conceptual art and interior book art for fantasy games. Something I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t really built my portfolio for yet. So, yeah.

This particular character is somewhat based on a very punk/scum version of myself. He’s for a role-playing game based in the Warhammer 40k universe. Which is a fictional universe in the far future that is pretty much, grim, dark, and generally terrifying. So, it suits my approach just fine. Character’s name is Kiern Mordeci, and if you are interested in the game at all, know that most of what he is is a result of random rolls. haha (That’s right, I just flashed you some nerd)

Anyway, here’s an early snap of the linework.

Just the transition from rough pencils to detailed line art.

After some time playing with the ink washes on him I got to this point

Shadowing, shades, and a bit of atmosphere.

Then built up a little more on some of the image and the final result came out as this.

Basically just a fun character concept piece.

The background I left fairly sparse as it’s a focus on the character. Also I may at some point play with this image a little in photoshop and try out some techniques on the background. I don’t use photoshop much as my tablet is currently non-functional, and I really just enjoy the feeling of using brushes and pens so much more. Makes me feel more connected with the artwork.

And a closeup of the character, as it’s what is important here,… I think.

Probably the most useful part of the image. But i like adding backgrounds.

Note: the first two shots were added on my instagram while working on the piece, which is @James_Groeling (which also now links to twitter) so feel free to add me on there for more frequent work in progress updates as well as the occasional bit of random like from this particular artist.

  1. I like it, nice detail you have a gift.

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