As of late I’ve been working on a few various projects, while also working. So the site updates have slowed for a bit. Some of the current things on my list are to add more gallery pages, including mixed media, sculptural works, and a page to display all my murals and set work. Might even include a page of advertising signs (mostly chalk and marker pieces) and logos I’ve done over the years.

In the meantime, between designing some imagery for clothing prints, friend’s companies and possibly my own run once I get the hang of screenprinting. I’m also doing two comics, concept art, small commissions (including some quick portrait work) and the always fun, tattoo designs.

Some of these will innevitably end up on this site as time goes. But for now,here’s a selection of various imagery from my sketchbook over the past couple weeks.

Note, some is NSFW, as my sketchbook often ends up becoming. Others, are just plain dark and strange, as anyone who has seen what I create regularly should expect.


This first shot is a sketch for a sister piece to one of the current drawings I’m working on. The Technocristy piece for those who’ve seen the sketch on here.


Random sketching from this weekend while working at a music and arts festival. Just flow of the mind type stuff creating some digging monster.


This one you should certainly keep an eye out for as an upcoming piece, playing with different ideas (as usual) and looking forward to seeing this one come to light, as it’s been a recurring concept in my books.


Small compilation of a few varied female form drawings. I’d shared this on my instagram feed after a friend mentioned that I draw women with added horns and less clothes quite well. So sharing again.


One last sketch, this one may become a final cap on the technological drawings involving the one above and Technocristy. Will see how the sketches.progress.

That’s all the sketches for now. Also, this entire post is being put together entirely on my phone as an experiment to see how well the app works, and if I can eventually update entirely on the go. Which would certainly make the site updates more frequent. Any feedback is greatly appreciated on this one. Thanks.

JG out.

  1. Inga says:

    I enjoyed the critique from your friend… “more horns, less clothes.” LOL >^..^<

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