Venice at Night (Commissioned Artwork)

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Commissioned Artwork
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Was recently requested to do a small piece of either France or Italy. Decided to go with the one closer to my own ancestry, and who’s food I greatly prefer. Checked out a bunch of imagery on different locations, landmarks, etc, and finally decided to settle on something water heavy at night, so wound up with the Venice Canals.
Since most of my work these days is more figurative and either surreal or fantasy based, this was a nice relaxing change of pace. Decided to not include any people in it, and instead keep the image as a simple landscape in the evening.  Also worked with my acrylics more watery than usual and think that the different approach gave the overall piece a more watercolor feel than I usually get. Works for the vibe in this one I think.

First image is of what the piece would look like framed to the intended 5″ x 7″ dimensions.

The second image is without the cropping, showing the end of the paint lines as opposed to the end of the original dimensions. It’s about an added half to three quarters inch in overall width and height, but I personally hope that the new owner decided to frame it in a way that will show the edge of the paint rather than cut at the edges. It is however, entirely their decision, but I personally like the messy edges, more my speed.

Anyway, this is a piece that I finished not too long ago and only recently got around to adding up. Enjoy, and check back soon. More coming up.
JG out.


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