Sketched thoughts (sketchbook)

Posted: October 11, 2012 in News, Sketchbook
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Put on the headphones to block out the world, a necessity to stay sane during insane times.

Been planning out some more JDGAF comics, probably have enough to run for a few weeks by the end of the month. So those of you who have been enjoying those comics will have more to enjoy. Was doodling this fella today, a future character possibly. Made me think of the way we block out a lot of things by going into our own world, be it via music, creating art, playing games, watching movies, etc. Sometimes these escapes are necessary to avoid the stresses of modern society and the world. But sometimes our salvation from things becomes a trap in itself, blinding us from experiencing life.
Not saying this is a certainty for everyone, just observations and ideas expressed in my art (which is pretty much how that goes from me anyway) hope you enjoy.

Also, just got about 6 new skateboards I’ll be priming soon and getting painted over the next few months.

Check back soon, more coming.

JG out.


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