Raiders Smash (Holiday Commission)

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Commissioned Artwork
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This is definitely the first time I’ve ever been asked to create a comic book character and/or football poster in one.  So, when you see the image you may get the hint that someone is both a Hulk fan, and a Raiders fan. Was asked to mingle the two. played with a few sketch concepts, including the hulk tackling other players (read: stampeding over other players), hulking out and tearing through a jersey, playing in a jersey/bellyshirt looking thing, and even a few sketches of him with a helmet. The last one kind of made him look like a topless space marine from the Warhammer 40k series, so was quickly cut.

Decided on a straight forward, fairly simple approach of the hulk running through a wall with a stadium just barely visible in the background. Was originally going to have a series of broken players behind him, but decided to soften the image up and make it family friendly,… well, at least as family friendly as a giant green dude raging through a wall can be. From what I understand it was well received and enjoyed by the new owner.

Now I’m kind of wondering if I’ll end up doing a Superman in Giants gear…. hrm….

Anyway, here’s the image. Enjoy.


Very comic looking I know, seems my work translates well to comic art, go figure…


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