Happy March everyone. So, if you’ve been following my posts on various social media sites, you’ve noticed I’ve been prepping for two major events, the first, was the conclusion of issue two of my comic book titled “Gauntlet”. We just put out a 1.0 version as a short run release for MegaCon in Florida, however will be redoing the cover, and adding the stories to the compilation book that weren’t finished for print. It’s going to be awesome, but I can’t share too much from the release just yet (I may sneak out some images later this month)

The second big event, was finishing up some pieces for the Fountain Art Fair, in which I was showing in the Greyegg presents booth with a number of other fantastic artists of various media and styles. The history of the location is that 100 years ago at the same armory, was the first large exhibition of modern art in America, which featured a number of artists of the time period from Cezanne to Picasso. So I’ve now shared a piece of history with these greats 3 times (this being my third armory showing)

The pieces I put into this were mostly new, and smaller pieces, including a number of the vinyl figures that I’ve posted before, as well as ten small wooden panel pieces, and a large skateboard featuring a mildly terrifying clown. The reason for the pieces being carnival themed was that the booth’s theme was that of a carnival. Here are a couple shots of just our booth, taken to share.



Consider that most of the show the booth was packed, as well as the surrounding area,… pretty much most of the building. It was a great showing of pieces by all involved, with some really amazing artwork. Thank you to Greyegg, and to all the other artists showing in the booth who made it a successful venture for all, and an amazingly fun weekend as well.



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