The Beginnings of an Adventure (Commission)

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Commissioned Artwork
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A while back I was asked by a client if i could do a fantasy landscape for their home. They wanted something that was very softly done, still having details, and conveyed some sense of atmosphere. After pitching around some ideas, they had agreed on a rough sketch I’d sent them, which i then turned into a painting. It’s not sharp at all, as the idea was that it’s almost mysterious.


Also these are simply pictures from the studio, as I didn’t have a chance to scan it before I sent it off, so the quality may be a little fuzzy.

Here your go.




and a closeup of the castle in the distance.



The couple was very happy once they saw the piece, and even sent me a picture of it on their wall once they had put it up. I’m glad they are enjoying it, as once the piece was started, it could only have been for them.

Part of why I love my job is giving people a visual that they can imagine, but can’t create. There is a magic involved in sitting down with someone and hearing what they have in their head, then showing them a sketch that you’ve interpreted from their story, and seeing the smile when they say “That’s almost exactly what I was thinking! How’d you do that?”

“Magic”, enjoy those first steps and live the journey.




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