JDGAF update information (News)

Posted: September 23, 2013 in JDGAF Comics, News
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I’ve decided to start updating JDGAF regularly on Tuesdays, and by Tuesday I mean I’m going to set the upload date to automatically post the newest version of the comic at 12:30am EST on Tuesday Mornings. Depending on how well the feedback continues with that, as well as how the flow starts to feel once I get it moving, I may eventually start updating Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For now though, just check back after the listed time for your weekly dose of JDGAF.

Also, I have set up JDGAF pages on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are on those, please pop over and like/follow for updates. Also currently working on a separate webpage for the comics, and whatever other artwork that comes containing the characters who fill the world of JDGAF. I’m having fun creating them and want to have more webcomic fans have easier access to read them when they come. So as that develops will keep you updated.

Check back after 4 hours for your next dose of JDGAF.

JG out.


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