Happy New Year 2014 (JDGAF #22)

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


Happy New Year!

JDGAF has had some delays during the holiday season of 2013, and I apologize on that, between family, work, and commissions, things got a little hairy. New year, new start, getting it going right. Difference is, will be updating on Thursdays this year. Mostly this is due to me realizing that by Monday nights, which for a while, was my one free-ish evening to do editing, I was getting other projects in, or being just plain exhausted from the weekend (working, not partying, never tire of fun).

So in order to give myself a little more breathing room with the weekly deadline, I’m bumping it to Thursday. Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon for the start of 2014’s new storyline.

JG out.


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