Zombie Mini Busts(Sculpture)

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized


After the mask sculpture, I was remembered how much I enjoy sculpting things, and decided I wanted to start my hand at playing with miniature pieces, but from scratch instead of just modifying pre-existing pieces. So, started knocking out a bunch of these mini busts, mostly to try out different approaches, but also, simply for the fun of making things.


To get an idea of how small/large these are, here are a few unpainted ones next to a standard sized business card.

This is the selection of minis that I’ve made so far, will be adding to the count as I find more time. Mostly for now, polishing up skills, and will be using that for larger, more intricate sculptures.

First Ghoul Gal Trowel in the face JawLoss Unhinged PutridPontiff Sundried Zombie jesus Ghoulish Grin Roasted LumberJacked GreenMeanie Dat Fro Doh Tongue Mottled Mantail

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