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So, what I can share with you is that I just recently finished working on a small project in cooperation with Marvel Comics, and Upper Deck trading card company. Should be able to share the imagery from that in early 2018.

For now I’m getting back to commissions. I’m almost done with the last of my holiday commissions and getting ready to ship things out. Then, it looks like I have a little time to get back to my own personal art (more JDGAF comic inbound), which is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Also looking into spending some time updating to be more of an image share with links to this Blog page. So hoping to make things look much better for 2018. Will see how that works.

Til the next post, will wish all a happy and safe holiday season, and leave you with my lil Goblin tabletopper. This is a coin bank that I picked up, the creature is a Pathfinder Goblin from Paizo. I simply scalped a $2 santa toy to supply the beard, hat, and scarf.



So, first and foremost. This week I’ll be working at New York Comic Con in NYC. I’ll be at the Fanboy Collectibles booth 2937 (and selling some artwork as well.)

Also, I have my first game going through kickstarter right now. Day one and we’re already moving along toward our goal. Deathbot Derby on Kickstarter.

While I could go into all the fine details on the game, and how fun it was to make the artwork for it, you’re better off just clicking the link and checking out the reviews we’ve gotten on it as well as seeing all the ins and outs of the game itself.
It’s a lot of game in a little box, and it’s fun.
If you cant help fund it, please share the link as that gets it seen by more people who may very well be interested in turning their friend’s robots into scrap.

Last but not least, just got my copy of Caustic Comics Insane Tales From The Dead featuring my piece EveVI. There is a lot of cool stuff in this book and the print quality on it is excellent. Proud to be a part of it.

If you want to order your copy, go to while supplies last as there are a number of limited edition covers for this book.

That’s all the updates for now. See you at NYCC, and will be working on some more cool projects on twitch after this event is over. www.Twitch.TV/JamesGroelingArt

JG out.

I’m back! I’ve been a bit busy with work for a while and havent been around. A couple trips to Texas in the past two months (Houston and Austin) for art installations, and a number of commissions back to back.
The commissions I’ll upload as soon as I get the okay from the clients to do so. Also working on new JDGAFs and a comic for an art collection book of stories, as well as some paintings, small and large, and a number of ink drawings. The ink drawings I can share here now, because I feel like you may be going through some art withdrawals by your favorite JG.

So, be sure to scope out these new pieces, and keep an eye out for a week of various intermittent uploads.



micron and ink on paper, 2014



“Reflective Savage”

micron and ink on paper, 2014



“Gribble says Hi”

micron and ink on paper, 2014

JDGAF update information (News)

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I’ve decided to start updating JDGAF regularly on Tuesdays, and by Tuesday I mean I’m going to set the upload date to automatically post the newest version of the comic at 12:30am EST on Tuesday Mornings. Depending on how well the feedback continues with that, as well as how the flow starts to feel once I get it moving, I may eventually start updating Tuesdays and Thursdays.  For now though, just check back after the listed time for your weekly dose of JDGAF.

Also, I have set up JDGAF pages on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are on those, please pop over and like/follow for updates. Also currently working on a separate webpage for the comics, and whatever other artwork that comes containing the characters who fill the world of JDGAF. I’m having fun creating them and want to have more webcomic fans have easier access to read them when they come. So as that develops will keep you updated.

Check back after 4 hours for your next dose of JDGAF.

JG out.

Happy March everyone. So, if you’ve been following my posts on various social media sites, you’ve noticed I’ve been prepping for two major events, the first, was the conclusion of issue two of my comic book titled “Gauntlet”. We just put out a 1.0 version as a short run release for MegaCon in Florida, however will be redoing the cover, and adding the stories to the compilation book that weren’t finished for print. It’s going to be awesome, but I can’t share too much from the release just yet (I may sneak out some images later this month)

The second big event, was finishing up some pieces for the Fountain Art Fair, in which I was showing in the Greyegg presents booth with a number of other fantastic artists of various media and styles. The history of the location is that 100 years ago at the same armory, was the first large exhibition of modern art in America, which featured a number of artists of the time period from Cezanne to Picasso. So I’ve now shared a piece of history with these greats 3 times (this being my third armory showing)

The pieces I put into this were mostly new, and smaller pieces, including a number of the vinyl figures that I’ve posted before, as well as ten small wooden panel pieces, and a large skateboard featuring a mildly terrifying clown. The reason for the pieces being carnival themed was that the booth’s theme was that of a carnival. Here are a couple shots of just our booth, taken to share.



Consider that most of the show the booth was packed, as well as the surrounding area,… pretty much most of the building. It was a great showing of pieces by all involved, with some really amazing artwork. Thank you to Greyegg, and to all the other artists showing in the booth who made it a successful venture for all, and an amazingly fun weekend as well.


First of all, I don’t often do political work, or even anything related to current events, unless I feel especially strong toward it. The last issue I can recall creating a reactionary piece for was directly after the BP oil disaster of the southern coast of the United States. (yeah, was a while ago). Now that you realize how uncommon this is for me to do, I’m going to also state that I will not be tagging this artwork with anything to connect to the event it relates to it in searches, as I do not want additional traffic to my site simply because this is in the news. I want no additional popularity by attaching myself to events like this, leeches like that disgust me, and this is simply an expression of my own, regarding how I felt about what was happening.

The reason for this image being created was because a friend on my personal facebook page read a post I wrote, and asked me if I was going to create any visuals to go with it. Here’s what I posted on my page Friday afternoon after hearing the news that is now infamous across the US. NSFW language was involved, I apologize to those sensitive to such things. Image at the end of the writing.


This will be my only post related to this as I’ve already heard about it enough from both sides. However, here’s what I have to say to those who are willing to read it.

First of all, for those of you who would try to use this as an excuse to point fingers at anyone, flat out, fuck you. I don’t care what you are trying to say, people and children lost their lives and you’re trying to use it as an advancement for your own ideals without knowing anything else about the situation? Yeah, fuck you and fuck the pulpit you are preaching from.

Now that that is out of the way.

My stance on this is that a young man who had any number of mental issues, killed a number of people. The only way to prevent these kind of things from happening is through social services who counsel and help young people in difficult times. Those trained professionals would be in a situation to recognize a propensity for violent behavior, and get those in need advanced treatment or institutionalization.

Eliminating firearms and the 2nd amendment will not stop people from killing people. It will instead prevent those who would legally obtain firearms from being able to protect their homes and families. Criminals will do what they always do, and will either illegally obtain firearms, or find alternative methods of violence. Be that bombs from homemade materials, vehicles, fire, knives, etc. Violence will happen regardless of the method unless you treat the problem at it’s core.

You don’t put a band aid on a broken leg. Fix the real problems first.

I’m done. If you agree, swell. If you disagree, piss off. This isn’t a debate, I’m stating my opinion, so if you don’t agree, just click the back button and move on.

Thank you.
To those in Connecticut dealing with the tragedy, and the families affected by this horrendous act, my heart goes out to you, and I wish you all the best during this time. To everyone else, hug your loved ones, kiss them and tell them you love them.”

The image itself is a display of what I saw in my head while reading news about how people had already started the blame game, I’ve read anything from “those of you who dont want to give up your guns, this blood is on your hand” to “this is a direct example of how turning war into a game desensitizes people into killing machines”. Each more and more ridiculous. Anyone who was willing to start that garbage before these children, teachers, and their families had even had a chance to get past the shock of what had just happened, to me was just trying to capitalize on something awful by pushing forward their own ideas. As you can see from the above writing, it’s not the kind of action I expect from anyone with any decency to them.

That is all. If one person out there appreciates the image, and understands the reason behind it, that is more than I ask. I simply needed to get this one out. Purely reactive.

My heart still goes out to the families and the lost.

Busy month so far, but here’s a good one to whet your whistle.

Tuesday of this previous week I started an illustration project for Brutal Bitches Productions, a metal music concert organizing company based out of the Bronx. Was told to do something with a sexy metal chick, surrounded by carnage. But had to do it in a way that there would be enough room for the band logos and event info to not completely block the imagery.
Send one sketch, that was rejected, so then sent this one as a thumbnail, and got an okay to work with it.

“Just make it sexy, add some decapitations, and monsters, okay?”

I think I should have no problem with that, *wicked smile*. Have I mentioned that I love what I do?



Next step was some rough sketching and then adding ballpoint linework over the pencil so I could erase and have a clean working surface, so that line art became this….




The original idea was to stick to a mostly black and white image to make it very bold, and include some splashes of color, so I started working in my shading using varying grays. Pretty much just acrylic washes of payne’s gray to build up what I wanted it to look like in a basic sense.



Then,… well it was decided that full color would be so much cooler as the band logos look pretty crazy in color and the illustration had to work with them and not be completely obscured by them. So started laying in color washes over the gray shading, and that ended up coming out along these lines.



A few more washes to close out some of the white spots and darken some spots I wanted to set back, and then the next real part was the outlines in micron on the things that were more foreground prevalent. Basically the outlines on the figure (Metal Goddess) and her hair were in black micron, which is basically like a really fine tipped marker for line art. The background buildings and figures got touched up with more ballpoint so as not to compete too much with the foreground.



The last thing I did before sending it off to BBP was to adjust the levels digitally so the dark parts were even darker and the color a little sharper. For illustration projects I generally go this route, because that way I’m not physically working everything so dark that it can’t be changed if necessary.

After sending the file on Thursday, yes Tuesday night til Thursday morning, was a quick turnaround for this piece (read: very little sleep) had to wait til today to see the fully edited version. With the colors and the logos it looks pretty sick indeed. All in all cool project with a fun conclusion. Hopefully the event is as metal as the poster.  \m|_    Like BrutalBitchesOnFacebook     _|m/


and to keep a direct update on the newest projects, be sure to Like JamesGroeling on Facebook











Tomorrow in wiliamsburg will be the last show of the season for the summer music and art gatherings put in by Music-Kin. I’ll be showing some work there with a number of great artists, enjoying brunch and drink while listening to live music. Come out and celebrate the closing of the season, enjoy art, and what is supposed to be a beautiful day.
See you there.

JG out.


Put on the headphones to block out the world, a necessity to stay sane during insane times.

Been planning out some more JDGAF comics, probably have enough to run for a few weeks by the end of the month. So those of you who have been enjoying those comics will have more to enjoy. Was doodling this fella today, a future character possibly. Made me think of the way we block out a lot of things by going into our own world, be it via music, creating art, playing games, watching movies, etc. Sometimes these escapes are necessary to avoid the stresses of modern society and the world. But sometimes our salvation from things becomes a trap in itself, blinding us from experiencing life.
Not saying this is a certainty for everyone, just observations and ideas expressed in my art (which is pretty much how that goes from me anyway) hope you enjoy.

Also, just got about 6 new skateboards I’ll be priming soon and getting painted over the next few months.

Check back soon, more coming.

JG out.

This past week I visited my family on Long Island, and my little sister gave me this VooDara doll that she picked up while on vacation. I updated my page yesterday (Thursday) with some sketchbook images, and when I checked my site stats today I realized I got a lot of hits within the past 24 hours and it pushed my page to a new milestone.

Coincidence? Who knows? But I will mentally link the two and thank both the good karma from family support, and the friends and fans that have kept checking in to see new projects and artwork, and shared my site with others. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the 10k mark.
Thank you.