“I grew up drawing. My years are filled with sketchbooks and piles of paper filled with scratches and doodles which I build up into solid images. This folder contains a blend of some very experimental ink work, as well as some very detailed ideas that I felt needed to be developed far beyond the pages of a sketchbook.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~ JG


IamtheNight  Guardians

RunAmok Productions (2014 publication)

AlvarroSnegg BellringerBros  CaptAbhram  Freebooters  Matsuyo  SnowYetis  Boughbrother  SatyrSlayers

Post & Link to Publication

Original  Drawings

   kiern_mordeci_the_gunslinger_DA  huntress_DA  trebuchet_puppy_by_jgroeling_DA  The One you Feed, 2012  The One You Feed, 2010  Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Butcher, 2010  Edge of the Wilderness, 2010  Encountering Fear, 2010  The Beast, 2010  Guardian of the Path, 2007  Phil and the Brainrack (small), 2008  Born, 2008  Werewolf, 2008

Yearly Art


NewYear2013 ChineseNewYear2013 PatchesTheLeprachaun_StPatricksDay_2013 TheRabbit_EasterSunday_2013 Independence2013 ThePumpkinKing_Halloween2013 TDay_Thanksgiving2013

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