Mine.Mind is a series of 5″ x 7″ drawings created using various pens and pencils. The idea behind it is to take some of the thousands of random images that fill my sketchbooks and give them a page of their own by developing them further than they were. Some of the Mine.Mind series will be reworkings of sketch work that has been the basis for existing paintings. The key idea to this project is that I’m doing a very rough pencil sketch just to get the basics (usually less than one minute) and from there I let my mind fill the rest. At points I’m automatic drawing, basically doodling, which I consider a good thing, it means I’m letting my imagination and creativity flow directly onto the page unedited. Mine.Mind equals mental freedom to create. I hope you enjoy the view.

Mine_Mind_XII_by_JGroeling Mine_Mind_XIII_by_JGroeling

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