3D pieces

          “One of the best parts about being a freelance artist is the freedom to work with different media and approaches than you usually would. Flat surfaces are like windows where you can create a view into a different world. However, when you take a dimensional surface and either change it into something different, or create a curved view into somewhere else, it can be just as exciting if not more so. This page will be for the sharing of Figures, bottles, and various items that I paint on, sculptures of multiple materials that I create (and sometimes paint, and anything else that ends up falling into a 3-D art realm.”

~ James Groeling


Bacchus mask: Plaster, Wire mesh, Paperclay, Glue, Leather straps, Rivets, Acrylic, Pen, Varnish

mask sid Mask  Mask closeup MeMask


Zombie figures:  Wire, Paperclay, Acrylic


unpainted First Ghoul Gal Trowel in the face JawLoss Unhinged PutridPontiff Sundried Zombie jesus Ghoulish Grin Roasted LumberJacked GreenMeanie Dat Fro Doh Tongue Mottled Mantail



Kidrobot and RoseArt Blank figures: Gesso, Pencil, Marker, Acrylic, Pen, Varnish.

HARLEQUINposter   HUMPTYposter   GRIMposter   BISCUITposter

GIGGLESposter   CLASSYposter   YINNIEposter


To be added