“Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some very large projects that have come my way. Most have been commercial projects for businesses and indoor entertainment locations, some have been on the street in the public eye, and others have even been in home settings for people’s personal enjoyment. They all have been amazing experiences to work on, each a challenge in it’s own right, and I’ve grown through each new creation as I figure out how best to achieve the intended image. I certainly look forward to continuing the trend of creating large scale pieces for people to enjoy over the years to come.”

~ James Groeling

Alexandra’s Room (Interior Wall) 2014

Wide Angle

Detail Shots and Info

Indoor Extreme Sports (Archery Tag Wall) 2013


Detail shots and Info

iCombat (Street Scene) 2012

Clothing store wall 5

WIP 1, WIP 2,

TownHouse Art Gallery (Interior Stairwell) 2012


WIP, Details & FIN

NYC Paintball (Exterior Entrance) 2011

image by Richard Datre photography

image by Richard Datre photography

Click for full Panoramic Awesomeness

WIP 1, WIP 2(Vid), WIP 3(Photoshoot), WIP 4(Datre Photo), FIN

NYC Paintball (Interior Walls) 2011


Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3, Wall 4 & Restroom Doors.

IES Asylum Lasertag (Entrance) 2011

Zombie wallAsylum Wall

WIP 1, WIP 2 & Detail

IES Asylum Lasertag (Interior Set-Design) 2011

Gallery of Asylum Interior images

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