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A very special All Hallows Eve from some of the locals in JDGAF city. Decided to make a special piece for what is still my favorite holiday. First a little line art for you. JDGAF_Halloween

Then, my colors, which I actually created and scanned in on different sheets of paper, all colored pencils. Sharing this one because I actually think it looks pretty interesting to see a piece of mine without the line work attached.



and finally, all of column A, plus all of column B equals,….


May your All Hallows be filled with Ghouls and Goblins, hopefully none too scary.

May not be back to updates until mid-November, as I’m leaving the area to do a sculpture install in Rhode Island. More updates when I get back.



oooooh, feeling a little frustrated with technology right now. Wrote the post out and then had the publish option crash,…. grrr.
Anyways, computers as the bane of humanity aside. These are some updates to my series Mine.Mind, an ongoing (although slowly growing) series that I started in 2010, ignored through most of 2011 due to work, and have recently been getting back into. For the full view of the series, and to find out more about what it’s about, either go up to the galleries/drawings/Mine.Mind tab on here, or if you don’t want to move the mouse too much, just click here.

Here are the newest pieces added to the series this year.

Mine.Mind IX

Surreal work that originated from a rough sketch of a giant snail like creature. This became more of a shelled seahorse, flower mouthed, eyeball creature,…. Dunno, blame the randomness of my mind for this. Quirky, strange, and the first MM piece I’d done in over a year, so not a bad way to start up the rekindling of weirdness.

Mine.Mind X

Back to the more abstract for this one. Decided that as the tenth image I would play around with some different techniques. Added in the ink washes for tone (also, you may have noticed that I enjoy doing ink work), and have some mixed feelings on the results in this one as I spent too much of my time limit noodling in pencil. Learning experience as a whole.

Mine.Mind XI

More surrealist figures, This one has actually been sitting half finished for a while, due to distractions of other projects going on in my life. Finally got to finish it just the other day and actually enjoyed it a lot. Got me re-invigorated on this series to the point where I want to work on at least one every so often to really keep it going and see what comes of it.

Will see what I can do with that.

Check out the rest of the series as linked above. And check back soon as I have a few of the JDGAF comics sitting and waiting for me to finish them up a bit so i can upload them and keep that story going. Just have to get my way through some commissions, tattoo designs, paintings, drawings, murals, etc….. Being a bit of an artwhore gets tiring after a while, but I’m lucky enough to absolutely love what I do. Thanks for stopping in.
JG out.