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Got around to scanning a few more of the yearly planner art I have. Theres a bunch of other pieces in there that still need slight color washes before they’ll be ready to scan. Hopefully get to those soon, but have a bit of other things going at the moment.

For now, here’s the new scans, as well as an updated section in the Drawing page for them. Goal of 2014, organize and redesign the site/pages for easier access and displaying of what I do. Drawing page now.

Chinese New Year
Pretty straight forward, a dragon making it’s way through confetti littered streets.


Independence Day

The origins, dying on the battlefield to force out a foreign ruler and claim independence.



The Pumpkin King



Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Giving up their lives for your dinner table. T-Day, never forget.


This is actually I piece I finished in 2011, but didn’t have any good quality imagery of it until just before this recent show at the Townhouse Art Gallery. She got a bit of attention there, anyway, here she is for your viewing pleasure.

Kind of love painting on skateboards

and a couple closer up shots. First the top half, and then the bottom half. She (like just about everything else I post that isn’t a commission) is for sale also, if interested shoot me an email.

Dont mess with a badass chica with a stake

Undead hands,.....

That’s the board. Oh and if you’re wondering why the shape looks a little strange, it’s because it’s a coffin shaped skateboard. Special kind of look to em.