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Think that I’ll have Thursday be the day/evening I upload the new ones. For me, this is still Thursday considering it’s my evening for working,… maybe I should make it Friday’s technically, but I’ll stick to Thurs for now.

New Neighbor storyline: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

More JDGAF coming soon.

Busy month so far, but here’s a good one to whet your whistle.

Tuesday of this previous week I started an illustration project for Brutal Bitches Productions, a metal music concert organizing company based out of the Bronx. Was told to do something with a sexy metal chick, surrounded by carnage. But had to do it in a way that there would be enough room for the band logos and event info to not completely block the imagery.
Send one sketch, that was rejected, so then sent this one as a thumbnail, and got an okay to work with it.

“Just make it sexy, add some decapitations, and monsters, okay?”

I think I should have no problem with that, *wicked smile*. Have I mentioned that I love what I do?



Next step was some rough sketching and then adding ballpoint linework over the pencil so I could erase and have a clean working surface, so that line art became this….




The original idea was to stick to a mostly black and white image to make it very bold, and include some splashes of color, so I started working in my shading using varying grays. Pretty much just acrylic washes of payne’s gray to build up what I wanted it to look like in a basic sense.



Then,… well it was decided that full color would be so much cooler as the band logos look pretty crazy in color and the illustration had to work with them and not be completely obscured by them. So started laying in color washes over the gray shading, and that ended up coming out along these lines.



A few more washes to close out some of the white spots and darken some spots I wanted to set back, and then the next real part was the outlines in micron on the things that were more foreground prevalent. Basically the outlines on the figure (Metal Goddess) and her hair were in black micron, which is basically like a really fine tipped marker for line art. The background buildings and figures got touched up with more ballpoint so as not to compete too much with the foreground.



The last thing I did before sending it off to BBP was to adjust the levels digitally so the dark parts were even darker and the color a little sharper. For illustration projects I generally go this route, because that way I’m not physically working everything so dark that it can’t be changed if necessary.

After sending the file on Thursday, yes Tuesday night til Thursday morning, was a quick turnaround for this piece (read: very little sleep) had to wait til today to see the fully edited version. With the colors and the logos it looks pretty sick indeed. All in all cool project with a fun conclusion. Hopefully the event is as metal as the poster.  \m|_    Like BrutalBitchesOnFacebook     _|m/


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My intended work has been getting progressively larger and more involved, so I’ve been toying around with some various ideas on ways to work larger, while maintaining a cost effectiveness. Frankly, my personal work doesn’t bring in too much bacon, but I’m going to keep making it til I die, and as it evolves, I know it will start paying off. So it’s a matter of keeping my costs manageable while I grow and take on bigger projects.
Anyway, one of the concepts I started playing around with is the idea of panels. I’ve done it for smaller works, and I’m sure I can get it to function well for larger pieces as well. But then I started thinking of varying ways to assemble pieces. I could do basic shapes, or I could consider doing odd shapes that make up other images….. ohhh, that could get fun. So here is a piece I started, basically with the concept of having it spread out over a couple panels, and then working with it from there. Essentially it’s practice for larger installation work, while also drawing something I enjoy and would like to share with others.
She’s still in the works, but you get the basic idea from these shots.

Production shot from early stages of the head area. I was greatly enjoying the requests from people to see if she was an elf, vampire, etc.

Teaser two. Got a few more of the same responses, and a couple requests for dates…. doh.

Teaser 3, which you’ll soon realize is some linework close up of hair/dreads/roots,…. whatever.

Wha0Bam! As you can tell, she’s a little more involved than the teasers really let on.  She’s been a lot of fun to draw, and work on. Still have about 15-20% to go (drawing and cutting) before I’ll get a highres scan of her to show off, but you get the visuals so far.
Check back next week for the finished version of her.